Transparency 4.0

Collecting data, reducing costs: Innovative solutions for your company – from data collection to analysis, everything from one source.

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What is bit.B about?

innogy bit.B is a process and energy monitoring system for business customers. Production, environmental or energy data is collected by retrofit sensors at individual machines or in main and sub distributions. The collected data can be combined and analysed individually. bit.B's main objective is to provide new valuable knowledge for operational optimisation within your company.

Our process and energy monitoring system can easily be retrofitted to your company and enables transparency, which was given before only by cost-intensive systems. The possibility to combine the collected data from sensors and meters with our innovative software solution allows a variety of evaluations and analyses. Therefore, you will get a detailed overview and approaches for saving energy as well as for production optimisations. Small changes can already improve the efficiency of the company. Furthermore, our new system makes it possible to provide an enhanced internal cost distribution as well.

How it works…

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Commercial, retrofittable sensors or energy meters collect data from machines, production processes, retail shops, hotels or office buildings and transmit them to the bit.B Sensor Node. The bit.B Sensor Node transfers the data wireless to the bit.B Gateway by using the Lemonbeat radio protocol. The bit.B Gateway is connected to the bit.B Cloud Application where the data is aggregated and stored. For combining, analysing and visualising the data you can use the bit.B Online Monitor. The bit.B Online Monitor offers individual opportunities to monitor key figures and graphics which are most relevant for you. Therefore you can identify optimising potential and derive appropriate measures.

The bit.B system acquires and transmits data in real time. Hereby, you can control processes and operating conditions to intervene if there are conspicuous deviations from the standard value. Additionally, the notification function supports you as well.

Selection of possible applications

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