Chain stores

The family business Kramer Schuhe

  • in business since 1893
  • 52 branches
  • 1447 Women's shoes
  • 698 Men's shoes
  • 316 Accessories
  • a great deal of savings potential

Chain retailer Kramer Schuhe relies on bit.B

The family business Kramer Schuhe GmbH & Co. KG knows the needs of its customers. In a total of 52 branches, however, a balanced business climate is also reflected in a correspondingly high energy consumption. But where exactly are the energy guzzlers hiding? And how can the management handle them more efficiently?

Chain retailer Kramer Schuhe relies on bit.B
Kai Kramer,
Managing Director Kramer Schuhe GmbH & Co. KG
»We were thrilled: From the head office, it is now easy to read off all consumption data, which also motivates our employees to pay even more attention to energy consumption.«

Even NxStage-equipped dialysis patients benefit from working with bit.B. The energy monitoring solution is cost effective, flexible and helps NxStage to save on consumption costs. As a result, the medical device manufacturer can not only offer technically mature but also affordable devices

In Göttingen, bit.B has paid off quickly. In the shortest time, NxStage was able to draw important conclusions from the collected data, says Hendrik Klukkert, Director of Finance for the medical device manufacturer: “bit.B opens up completely new possibilities for reducing our energy costs. With a few small steps we were able to increase the profitability of our business. “

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