Production industry

The medical technology manufacturer NxStage

  • 90 highly specialized employees
  • three-shift operation
  • 2 clean rooms
  • 4900 square meters of floor space
  • a great deal of savings potential

129 current transformers measure production plant in Göttingen

The US company is specialized in the production of dialysis machines and also produces in Europe. In Göttingen there is a factory where bit.B is used on two production lines. Via a total of 129 current sensors, so-called flap-type converters, the energy monitoring system delivers measured values immediately and to the second.

129 current transformers measure production plant in Göttingen
Hendrik Klukkert,
Director of Finance
» bit.B impressed us the most by the speed and simplicity. We did not expect to get valid data so quickly. With the data we were able to directly identify potential savings. bit.B paid off after a short time. « Production management at NxStage

First of all, three shops of the Münsterländer shoe chain were equipped with the bit.B system. The advantage for managing director Kai Kramer is that not only he, but also his employees can read and react to the data at any time. Fact is, savings potentials can only be identified and realized on site. bit.B makes it possible for every employee in the Kramer team to become a savings professional.

In the long term, Kai Kramer plans not only to read and evaluate the collected values, but also to centrally control energy consumers. The next big bit.B-step towards even more energy efficiency is already in the pipeline.

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