Planning & Purchase

In general, the Bit.B system can be installed in a few hours. An existing one can be extended. You have further questions about the planning and the purchase. Here you find the answers.

Offers and prices

To get an individual offer for your company, please contact your responsible energy manager or our sales team. You can reach our sales team at Alternatively, you can also use our callback service. All details can be found at Contact .

The costs for the use of the innogy bit.B system vary according to the customer’s requirements and the requirements on site. A sweeping statement about the costs of the system can not be made.

We would be happy to provide you an individual offer. To contact us, you can use the contact request or our callback service at Contact . Alternatively, you can send your request to . We will contact you as soon as possible.

No, the number of user licenses granted by the administrator does not affect the price in our model. In principle, the administrator can individually determine in the online monitor how many users should have access to the measured data. The administrator can also determine the type of access of each user (e.g. different read and write rights, receipt of reports, and alarm messages).


To order an innogy bit.B system, please confirm the offer sent to you by or by post to innogy SE, product management innogy bit.B, Rellinghauser Straße 31, 45128 Essen, Germany.

To order individual components of the system, please contact your sales representative or send an e-mail to

You can order individual components as well as a complete innogy bit.B system consisting of sensors in connection with sensor nodes for data acquisition and one or more gateways for transmitting the data. There is no minimum order value.


Billing is done in two steps: The delivered hardware is billed immediately after successful delivery, while the software licenses are billed subsequent and on a monthly basis.

The payment target for invoices is 14 days neto.

You have the option to choose between the payment methods “on account” and “SEPA mandate” (direct debit). The costs for using the software are usually debited from your bank account by issuing an SEPA mandate. If you do not wish to pay by SEPA, we will charge you the annual costs for the use of the software. The invoice for the use of the software must be paid in advance. The invoicing of the hardware takes place by invoicing with a payment target of 14 days net.

To change your billing address, please send an e-mail with the new billing address to

Shipping & delivery

Our sales team will arrange the exact delivery date with you. If we deliver your order to the shipping company, the delivery time within Germany is usually two to three business days.

The shipping company we are using is United Parcel Service of America (UPS).

The shipping company we are using is United Parcel Service of America (UPS).

To change your delivery address, please send an e-mail with the new delivery address to

Complaint and return

If an innogy bit.B component does not work properly, please contact our technical support. You can reach this at . Alternatively, you can also use our callback service. All details can be found at Contact . Our service team will contact you as soon as possible.

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